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Atinati Mamatsashvili

Atinati Mamatsashvili

NIAS Individual Fellow

Project title

Writers in the face of Nazism (1933-1945). The murderous spaces of anti-Semitic politics

Research question

How the spaces of exclusion are organized in terms of their relational functioning, how they are managed within the society that accommodates or opposes them? How this functioning is mirrored in literary texts?

Project description

The project focuses on how anti-Semitism is addressed in a literary text: in what terms the figure of the Jew is portrayed in a work composed by those who, from the 1930s onwards, were alerting against the danger of National Socialist ideology. The research project attempts to elucidate the extent to which the political project of making the space “judenrein” which proceeds by exclusion, expulsion and destruction, manifests itself implicitly or explicitly in imagination. It efforts to conceptualize how anti-Semitic discourse, rooted in the policy of persecution-deportation, is taken up or rejected by writers who oppose the destructive ideological machine.

Selected publications

– A. Mamatsashvili, H. Mitterbauer, A. Sepp (ed.), Écrire une ville, habiter une ville : représentations spatiales des persécutions en Europe occupée (1940-1944), Cahiers de la Mémoire contemporaine, 2021.

– A. Mamatsashvili, « L’homme-survivant – un revenant indésirable ? (La lune noircie d’Anise Koltz et Les miroirs d’Ostende de Paul Willems) », Mutations esthétiques » dans la littérature de la Shoah, coordonné par Andrée Lerousseau, Tsafon, n° 82, décembre 2021, p. 69-86.

– A. Bosse, A. Mamatsashvili (ed.), Littérature et totalitarisme II : vers une conceptualisation du phénomène, Presses Universitaires de Namur, 2020.

– L. Jurgenson, A. Mamatsashvili (ed.), Des écrivains face aux persécutions, au massacre de masse et au génocide (together with Luba Jurgenson), Paris, Petra, 2020.