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Reviewing the Impact of the Making Europe book series 1
14 Aug. - 16 Aug. 2019
11:00 - 18:00
Conference Room

Reviewing the Impact of the Making Europe Book Series


Johan Schot, Professor of Global Comparative History at the Centre for Global Challenges in Utrecht, and former Making Europe NIAS fellow, convenes a workshop on "Reviewing the Impact of the Making Europe book series". With the publication of the sixth volume in May 2019, the book series has come to completion.

Aim of workshop

Who, indeed, built Europe? Politicians, or The People? Or Entrepreneurs and scientists? Making Europe tells the story in 6 richly illustrated volumes.

Coming together at NIAS the authors and a number of invited reviewers will review the series insights and results, and reflect on the future of Europe. They have looked through the lens of science and technology, and show how these have been both an integrating and fragmenting force for Europe. An important conclusion is that the European Union should not be conflated with Europe, it is precisely the relationship between both constructs which has shaped the history, up to today. The book series also show how Europe as an identity, market, and political system has been generated in many places in Europe, as well as in other parts of the World. The making of Europe not only involved a wide range of actors but also was a global affair.

The series is a unique collaborative project of 13 authors, who have worked together for over a decade and whose research is backed by a network of 250 researchers from all parts of Europe.

Since 11 of the 13 authors will be present at the workshop, the authors welcome journalists and media professionals to inform themselves and speak freely with the authors.


August 14, 2019

11:00 – 12:00  Registration/Arrival


12:00 – 13:30  Lunch


13:30 – 14:30  Making Europe book series: state-of-the-art Johan Schot

14:30 – 15:15  Volume 1: Consumers, Tinkerers, Rebels. Ruth Oldenziel and Mikael Hård. Commentators: Andreas Fickers and Liesbeth van de Grift


15:15 – 15:45 Break


15:45 – 16:30 Volume 2: Building Europe on Expertise. Helmuth Trischler and Martin Kohlrausch. Commentators: Maria Paula Diogo & Dagmara Jajesniak-Quast

16:30 – 17:15 Volume 3: Writing the Rules for Europe. Johan Schot. Commentators: Helmuth Trischler & Joep Schenk

17:15- 18:00 Volume 4: Europe’s Infrastructure Transition. Arne Kaijser, Per Högselius and Erik van der Vleuten. Commentators: Dirk van Laak & Frank Schipper

18:00 – 18:15 Impressions of the Day


Free evening


August 15, 2019

09:00 – 09:45 Volume 5: Europeans Globalizing. Maria Paula Diogo and Dirk van Laak. Commentators: Mikael Hård & Jira Janac

09:45 – 10:30 Volume 6: Communicating Europe. Andreas Fickers. Commentators: Arne Kaiser & Christian Franke


10:30 – 10:45  Break


10:45 – 11:45  Series results: An external viewpoint Hans Weinberger. Commentator: Johan Schot

11:45 – 12:15  Instruction Podcasts for the authors Jeek ten Velden & Ivo Schot

11:45 – 12:15  Instruction Blogs for the Making Europe friends Jenny Witte


12:15 – 13:00  Lunch


13:00 – 17:30  Creative outbursts

Here there is ample space to sit together and informally discuss initiatives around the promotion of the series.

Blogs Group

13:00 – 17:15  Blog writing

Podcast Group

13:00 – 14:00 Podcast vol. 1; 14:15 – 15:15   Podcast vol. 2; 15:30 – 16:30  Podcast vol. 3; 16:45 – 17:45  Podcast vol. 4

17:45 – 18:00  Impressions and Plans resulting from Creative Outbursts


19:00  Diner + Party


August 16, 2019

9:00 – 11:15  Creative Outbursts

Here there is ample space to sit together and informally discuss initiatives around the promotion of the series.

Blogs Group: Read each other’s blogs and give feedback. Finalising blogs.


Podcast Group

09:00 – 10:00  Podcast vol. 5 10.15 – 11.15: Podcast vol. 6

11:15 – 11:30  Impressions and Plans resulting from Creative Outbursts

11:30 – 12:00  Graphic Novel version Making Europe Andreas Fickers & Helmuth Trischler

12:00 – 12:30  Inventing Europe
 Johan Schot


12:30 – 13:30  Lunch


13:30 – 14:30  General conclusions & Next steps Website


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Book series

Book series published at Palgrave MacMillan. See www.makingeuropenow.eu