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18 Oct. - 20 Oct. 2023
NIAS Conference

Belonging and Mobility

NIAS Conference 2023

From Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 October 2023 NIAS organises the second International Conference on Studies of Belonging.

About the Conference

The second international NIAS Conference looks to inquire about the field of Belonging in relation to mobility. What if we would study and re-conceptualize belonging as not always fixed or place-bound but rather as mobile? Which narratives and practices of belonging are being negotiated and rendered (im)mobile?

The conference will be structured around five spheres: The Body Politic; Belonging as / at work; Homeing / Dwelling;  (Re)making Public Space; and Ecologies of Belonging. Each sphere will be curated by a renowned scholar.

The purpose of this second conference on Belonging is to bring together creative and critical thinkers and makers from different academic and artistic fields and disciplines to collectively conceptualize how (and when) belonging and mobility are entangled. NIAS welcomes participation by scholars, artists, PhD-students and others working in the field of Belonging.

Please see our Conference Website for recent updates about the upcoming NIAS Conference