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Discipline: Medieval History

Robert Stein

Van Steensel, Arie

To what extent and how did occupational guilds, religious confraternities and neighbourhood associations contribute differentially to the formation of urban communities in late medieval Europe?

Damen, Mario

How did the interaction between prince, nobles and urban elites influence the construction, perception, and representation of a territory in the later Middle Ages? That is the main research quest...

Trépanier, Nicolas

Research Question How did various groups (travelers passing through, urban elites owning the land and collecting taxes from it, peasants working in the fields) perceive and experience the rural t...

Andrews, Frances

Personalia Frances Andrews, born in Sydney, Australia, in 1961. Ph.D. from University of London. Professor of Mediaeval History at University of St Andrews. Fellow (1 September 2015 – 30 June 2...