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Discipline: Law

Dmytro Fedchyshyn

Christian Iaione

Hadassa Noorda

Heleen Janssen

Victoria Daskalova

Laurens van Apeldoorn

Marius Pieterse

Anniek de Ruijter

de Waal, Tamar

Citizenship education legislation proliferates across EU Member States including the Netherlands. This project aims to develop a critical interdisciplinary framework for urban citizenship educati...

de Vries, Karin

How come that the racialised effects of migration and citizenship laws are often not recognised by Dutch anti-discrimination laws? Which understandings of racism inform these anti-discrimination ...

Larik, Joris

What is the added value, if any, of being inside the EU when negotiating treaties with external partners, compared to “going it alone” as the UK now does?

Diabate, Alhousseini

Which legal measures would be appropriate to ensure fair access to the land, in order to secure the realisation of the goals of food security in an integrated, articulated and coherent system?

Misiedjan, Daphina

How do environmental/ social/ Indigenous movements develop their strategies for the recognition of rights of Nature? How is the Rights of Nature Movement developing globally?

Wewerinke-Singh, Margaretha

What are the promises and pitfalls of promoting climate justice through human rights litigation?

Dugard, Jackie

My research question examines the extent to which the right to water (as framed in law or even aspirationally) has been used to frame and claim struggles over water issues in two highly racialize...

Corrias, Luigi

What does the appeal to humanity in international law mean? This central question encompasses three sub-questions: 1. What does the experience of dehumanization in international law tell us about...

Ayoub, Samy

How did premoderm Islamic legal discourses deal with the issue of rebellion under Ottoman rule and sovereignty? This project explores how Muslim jurists theorized legitimate governance and the co...

Swennen, Frederik

Rethinking the Horizontal Family Research Question Which practice-sensitive legal recognition and regulation (if any) is desirable to accommodate relationships between adults that go over the lin...

Slingenberg, Lieneke

The Social Rights of Irregular Migrants. A Quiet Revolution in European Judicial Discourse Research Question Increasingly, European courts and supervisory committees judge that the exclusion of i...

Koops, Bert-Jaap

Personalia Bert-Jaap Koops. Ph.D. from Tilburg University. Professor of Regulation & Technology at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT). Distinguished Lorentz Fellow ...