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Ukrainian basic science and European values (in Russian)

Former TRIS-Fellow V.I. Kuznetsov worked on this book during his fellowship at NIAS in 1994.

About the book

Certain principle aspects of the fundamental state of science in Ukraine as of 2014 were analyzed. It was shown that no awareness exists in the country that the main although not unique task of science consists in the creation of new knowledge. Special attention was paid to state academies of science, in particular, to the National academy of science of Ukraine. It was demonstrated that the active law concerning science as well as the project of the new law have substantial shortcomings from the judiciary viewpoint and inhibit a free progress of science in line with general trends of the developed countries. The existing status of the autonomous state academies, being a peculiar symbiosis of non-governmental organization and state institution, was criticized. The concept of a scientific elite was analyzed, which was used to determine its true level. Certain scientometric data on the Ukrainian science were presented. A very unsatisfactory situation with social sciences and humanities was shown. Criteria were discussed for the future audit of the Ukrainian science in order to reform it in the European style.