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In security

In security

Part airport thriller, part family drama, part love story, In Security explores how those who strive to protect us are often unable to protect themselves.

Editorial Reviews


In Security is the best kind of literary hybrid: a character-driven literary novel that functions like a taut thriller. It’s also a book that’s strangely in sync with our times, by asking us on every page to assess a threat we can’t see.” ― Richard Russo, Pulitzer Prize–winning author

“A TSA security officer, a family man grieving over his dead wife and fending off love that would replace her, finds himself at the epicenter of deadly serious intrigue in this literary airport thriller. This is strong new work from Edward Schwarzschild, a savvy and gifted novelist.” ― William Kennedy, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Ironweed and Roscoe

In Security takes us on an unforgettable journey through the most painful and transcendent of human experiences, with TSA employee Gary Waldman as our wise, funny guide. Waldman’s trek through loss and grief and love reminds us that we’re all in danger, and that we’re all bound to protect each other, whether it’s in our job description or not. Schwarzschild hits the full range of emotions with astonishing sensitivity and skill.” ― Julie Orringer, author of The Invisible Bridge and The Flight Portfolio

In Security is a work of tremendous humanity, a sincere exploration of love, grief, and healing that feels like a triumph in a time when threat assessment seems more highly valued than kindness and connection. Like the best of Richard Russo’s work, this book is funny, it’s a page-turner, and it proudly wears its hard-won empathy on its sleeve.” ― Doug Dorst, author of Alive in Necroplis and S. (with J. J. Abrams)

“Once you read Edward Schwarzschild’s compelling new novel, you’ll never pass through an airport checkpoint without thinking of his compassionate, troubled TSA hero, Gary Waldman. If all TSA workers were as open-hearted and complex as Schwarzschild’s Waldman, the world would be a much better place to inhabit and traveling would be a much more enjoyable experience. Traveling while reading In Security―well, that would be absolutely ideal.” ― Adam Johnson, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Orphan Master’s Son and Fortune Smiles


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