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Eden - Marcel Möring


About the Book

Eden is the story of a nameless child who grows up in a forest so vast and sprawling that he has no knowledge of the world beyond it. The reader watches as he flees one day from an act he did not commit. In a psychiatric hospital a patient commits suicide. Another patient, found as if dead in city woodland, no longer knows who he is. And there is the mysterious Stephanie, too, who on the face of it has nothing wrong with her. Psychiatrist Mendel Adenauer sees his institution as the place where society’s driftwood washes up and he wonders whether he is right to think that people and the world can be healed.


‘Moral, eclectic, compelling novel with a historic focus reaching back to the Middle Ages.’ – Trouw

 Eden is the most stimulating on the most abstract level […] Everything has a function in Marcel Möring’s new book.’ – NRC Handelsblad

‘Eden is a […] rich tale of identity and a search for a home.’ **** – AD Magazine

‘It is a book full of puzzles, but compelling from the first page to the last.’  **** – Leidsch Dagblad

‘Though his novels bear unmistakable, post-modern markings in style, be it a graphic novel segment inserted between (in Dis), or sentences fashioned into the form of a tree (in Eden), while reading you maintain this picture in your head of a writer trekking across the pages, an actual, massive burlap sack slung over his shoulder containing just about the entire cultural history of Europe.’ – De Groene Amsterdammer