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Creole languages and language acquisition

Creole Languages and Language Acquisition

Comment on Bickerton's paper

About the author

Thomas Roeper is Professor of the Department of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Professor Roeper works primarily in theoretical approaches to language acquisition and morphology. His current work is the acquisition of  wh-movement with Jill de Villiers of Smith College. In morphology he has focused on implicit arguments, productive morphology, and lexical rules.

About the bookchapter

This paper was presented at an international three-day workshop on Creole languages and language acquisition, held at the University of Leiden in December 1990. The Leiden Creole Workshop formed part of a research project at NIAS in the year 1990/1991. The NIAS project was entitled “The logical problem of language acquisition”, and set out to investigate the acquisition of parts of the grammar in children and adults