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Apply for a NIAS-Lorentz Theme-Group Fellowship

The submission deadline of the Pre-Proposals was 1 September 2023. The deadline for the selected Main Proposals and all Individual Applications is Monday January 8 2024.

Before you Start

A NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group fellowship allows you to work together on a daily basis on a particular topic or theme. A Fellowship at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study is also a residency in the true sense of the word: all fellows commit themselves to withdrawing from their quotidian obligations for a period of time to fully focus on their research project in the international, multi-disciplinary NIAS environment. Besides being offered undisturbed time and space to work on one’s research project, the intellectual and informal exchanges with other fellows form the core of a NIAS residency. Participating in the daily communal lunches and weekly seminars, where fellows present their work-in-progress, therefore lie at the heart of a NIAS Fellowship.

In order to ensure the highest quality of your residency, NIAS asks fellows to be present at the Institute for at least four days a week, including participation in the weekly fellows’ seminar on Thursdays from 14-17hrs. We urgently advise fellows to make arrangements with their university and family before the start of their fellowship, in order to allow themselves to immerse in their residency as much as possible.

Please make sure you have taken note of these financial and practical matters.


Application Guidelines

Please make sure you have all necessary information and documents at hand.

The application form consists of four steps:

  • Personal information
  • Work and career
  • Fellowship: practical information
  • Project proposal


The application consists of uploading the following documents (doc, docx, pdf):

Part A (coordinator only)

  • Main Proposal Project Description (max 1500 words)
  1. – A description of the interdisciplinary research topic and how each NLTG group member will contribute to the theme group project
  2. – Names of all NLTG Theme-group members including affiliation, discipline and Post-doctoral experience. Important: all NLTG members must have confirmed that they are available
  3. – Scientific relevance of the topic
  4. – Originality and how the interdisciplinary approach will add a new dimension
  5. – Methods and techniques
  6. – Brief description of research outcomes the NLTG aims to produce
  7. – Literature references


Part B (coordinator only)

  • Outline Workshop  (approx. 700 words)

Outline for the NLTG compulsory one-week workshop at the Lorentz Center describing how the workshop will contribute to the project.

Please note that only the coordinator of the winning NLTG Main Proposal will be required to compile a full and detailed NLTG workshop plan as described on the Lorentz website. The winning NLTG coordinator will be approached by Henriette Jensenius from the Lorentz Center.


Part C (all applicants, including the coordinator)

  • Full Individual Project Description Fellowship (400 – 1000 words)
  1. – Title of the theme group and name of coordinator
  2. – Describe how your individual proposal will contribute to the work and results of the Theme Group (cohesion, interdisciplinary composition of the group, etc.)
  3. – Scientific relevance of the topic
  4. – Originality and how the interdisciplinary approach will add a new dimension
  5. – Methods and techniques
  6. – The research outcomes that are planned for this individual proposal
  • CV (max 2 pages)
  • List of Publications (max 2 pages)

About the Application Process

You can save your application and continue at a later moment. After submitting your application, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement of receipt on the work email address you provided.

Only complete applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be taken into consideration. You will be notified by email if your application does not fulfill these criteria and/or if the submitted documents are either incomplete or do not contain the information as requested.

All information supplied will be treated with utmost confidentiality. NIAS-KNAW follows the EU privacy laws and has made every effort to ensure your data is stored in a secure way with restricted access. The information supplied in the application form will be used for procedures pertaining the fellowship application by the NIAS-Lorentz Advisory Board, the Lorentz Center Directorate, the NIAS Directorate and the administrative office. If your application is successful, your information will be preserved in perpetuity for administrative and historical purposes. If your application is unsuccessful, your information will be kept for a period of ten years, as this is necessary to be able to check the fellowship eligibility criteria.


For questions about the fellowship application form, the procedure and practical matters: Annette Mullink.

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