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NIAS Alumni Stay

The Alumni Stay is a new activity set up to give former NIAS Fellows and colleagues an opportunity to live and work at NIAS for a three-week period in the summer.

About an Alumni Stay

A NIAS Alumni Stay includes accommodation and the use of a NIAS office during a 3-week visit in July or August. NIAS and the NIAS Fellows Association (NFA) hope that these academic visits will provide an opportunity for former fellows to take their NIAS project a step further, to work on a grant proposal or explore a new project with colleagues.

Former fellows can apply either as an individual or as the initiator of a group project. Alumni groups must be led by a NIAS alumnus and can consist of three to five members, the majority of which should be member of the NIAS Fellows Association.

Who can apply?

  • Former NIAS fellows who are paid up NFA members

That’s it. Once a Fellow, always a Fellow.

What we offer

  • Studio accommodation at the Fellows House, in the heart of Amsterdam
  • An office in the nearby NIAS Main building
  • Wi-fi access via the Guest Login (NIAS Main building & Fellows House)
  • Use of the Conference Room (60p) or other meeting rooms in the Main building
  • Use of the Library with (limited) library services via a guest computer
  • Printing via a guest computer (limited)
  • Coffee and tea facilities
  • Basic facilities support in the Main building and Fellows House accommodation

Note: An Alumni Stay does not include stipends, replacement subsidies, travel expenses, lunches, ICT support, an email account or a computer (applicants should bring their own laptop).

How to Apply

Complete the online application form (see the button below) by the deadline of 15 January 2019.

The application form asks for the following information:

  • Individual or Group; Requested date; Fellow year;
  • For a group application: names and affiliations of all group members
  • Personal information (name; contact details)
  • Work related information (university; current position; discipline)
  • Project proposal with the following details:
  • title of the (research) topic and research question;
  • description of the research, including reference to intended research output;
  • the added value of working at NIAS Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Then What?

The Chair of the NIAS Fellows Association and Director of NIAS select which applications for an Alumni Stay will be granted based on the quality of the proposal. Diversity among applicants in terms of disciplines, gender and seniority will also be taken into account when allocating places.

Applicants are informed of the outcome at the beginning of February.

NIAS has reserved ten places to accommodate NIAS Alumni Summer Guests in 2019. Please submit your application by the deadline 15 January. The selection and allocation of places will be completed by the 15 February, after which reserved places will be released. So if you missed the submission deadline you could see if there are any slots still available – contact us.

Practical Matters

Available 3-week time slots in 2019:

  • Monday 8 July – Friday 26 July
  • Tuesday 6 August – Monday 26 August

In special circumstances it may be possible to apply for a consecutive period of six weeks starting Monday 8 July (until 16 August) only.

  • The NIAS Alumni Stay costs 978 euro per person for a 3-week stay. This fee covers the costs of electricity, water, taxes, cleaning costs and extra staff.
  • All individual and group members are required to sign the NIAS Alumni Stay Agreement and pay a deposit of 750 euros at least four weeks before the start date of their stay. On departure, all NIAS Alumni Summer Guests will receive an invoice to cover any remaining costs (or damages) which will be deducted from the deposit.


Please note that being a NIAS Alumni Summer Guest will be a different experience to being a NIAS Fellow. NIAS will not be able to provide the same level of service and support during the summer. So we ask for your understanding and that you will be prepared to find your own way. This summer activity will be a trial and you, as our first NIAS Alumni Summer Guests, are pioneers so the NFA Board and NIAS are excited to find out if this turns out to be a winning formula.

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