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The Future of Work: Sustainable Careers, Lifelong Learning and Basic Jobs
28 Mar. 2019 -
11:00 - 12:30
Korte Spinhuissteeg
Conference Room
By invitation

The Future of Work: Sustainable Careers, Lifelong Learning and Basic Jobs

NIAS Seminar

Professor of Labour Economics Joop Schippers will discuss lifelong learning for the future labour market.

Please note this seminar was originally scheduled for another date.

About the Seminar

Looking at the future labour market several challenges lie ahead for young people. Demographic developments like ageing and dejuvenation will oblige both women and men to take up care tasks for the older generations, while the ongoing emancipation process will result in a more equal division between partners of paid work and unpaid care for children. So, most future workers will have to divide their time between different domains in life. Moreover, they will have to face a labour market that is much more flexible than their parents’ or grandparents’ used to know. This flexible labour market requires all kinds of choices to be made and taking up career responsibilities that used to lie with the organization. This requires all kinds of skills young people do not have automatically at their disposal. Skills are also the buzz word when it comes to facing the challenge of technological transformation. Even though we do not know yet where this transformation will lead us, many experts agree that it may be disruptive for the way we work and the way work will be organized. So, keeping up with technological changes by way of lifelong learning and lifelong development is a must, for every worker, but especially for those who still have to conquer their place in the labour market. The current labour market already shows a gap between ‘insiders’, who are successful in reaping the fruits from modern labour market developments and ‘outsiders’ who find themselves disconnected from or at most at the margin of the labour market. As the future labour market will demand much more from individuals there is the risk that the share of people that cannot keep up increases and the gap between insiders and outsiders will grow. So, the question is: how can we manage this risk and avoid a further increase in the gap between insiders and outsiders?

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