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Intersecting Worlds: The Interplay of Cultures and Technology
14 Jan. - 18 Jan. 2019
Lorentz Center
Niels Bohrweg 2

Intersecting Worlds: The Interplay of Cultures and Technology

Workshop by Corinne Hofman

Corinne Hofman, current fellow at NIAS, convenes a workshop on Intersecting Worlds: The Interplay of Cultures and Technology.

About the workshop

NIAS Fellow Corinne Hofman gives a workshop, “Intersecting Worlds: the interplay of cultures and technologies”, organized as part of the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship awarded by the NIAS-Lorentz Program, that is taking place on January 14-18 in Leiden (Lorentz Center at Oort).

The workshop aims to explore, in a comparative way, the transformations and responses of indigenous societies around the world to changing cultural, social, economic and political environments triggered by European contact and colonialism. Archaeological data forms the backbone; the indigenous perspective is the hallmark. The two key questions addressed are 1) What were the immediate, and the lasting, effects of colonial encounters on indigenous cultures and societies across the world, and what were the intercultural dynamics that took place during these infamous colonization processes? 2) How can the study of indigenous histories contribute to a more sophisticated awareness in the present, and how can it speak to multiple and perhaps competing stakeholders at local, regional, pan-regional, and global scales?

It brings together 35 researchers from around the world with expertise on the Caribbean, West Africa, Pacific, on state-of-the-art method and technique development in relevant fields and local stakeholders. Apart from Corinne Hofman, the scientific organizers of the workshop are Christopher DeCorse (Syracuse University) and Ian Lilley (University of Queensland).


The detailed programme of the workshop can be found here. Please register for the workshop through this link.