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Humanities Night
19 September
19:00 - 23:00
Tivoli Vredenburg
Vredenburgkade 11 Utrecht
20 euros per ticket

Humanities Night

International Literature Festival Utrecht

During the Humanities Night, three of our current fellows (Sven Beckert, Fabian Krämer, Aidan McGarry) and one of our alumni (Ann Rigney) will give a mini-lecture. The Humanities Night is an event of the International Literature Festival Utrecht. If you would like to attend, click on 'Please register' on the left.

‘Heroes and villains’ is the theme of the Humanities Night’s first edition: an evening in which literature, philosophy and science go hand in hand. We encounter them in comics, novels and in our daily Netflix series: heroes and villains. They form two opposites that simplify many aspects of our present and past. However, the distinction isn’t that accurate really: the hero of the past is the villain of the present, whoever wants to be a hero can hardly exist without a villain and, on top of that, one men’s hero is another men’s villain. The clash between heroes and villains often leads to entertainment, but also has a hint of a sublime spectacle: for us, their clash symbolises the battle between good and evil, a battle that we all have to fight ourselves to some extent. What about the relation between those two greats, the good and the evil?


More information about the event can be found on the website.

Please note: This is not an event organised by NIAS.