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Brides on Tour: Hitchhiking to Jerusalem
8 November
11:00 - 12:30
Korte Spinhuissteeg
Conference Room

Brides on Tour: Hitchhiking to Jerusalem


Journalist-in-residence Sarah Venema will discuss the story of two Italian artists set out on a hitchhiking journey across Europe.

About the Seminar

In March 2008 the Italian artists Silvia Moro and Pippa Bacca set out on a hitchhiking journey from Milan to Jerusalem wearing white wedding dresses. It was an art performance. Getting into the cars of strangers was placing trust in them, they explained. The artists wanted to show that when you trust someone, you only get good things in return. It was a message of peace. The artists performed in countries touched by recent wars and met with local women and artists. In Istanbul, they decided to separate. Soon after, Pippa Bacca disappeared. Days later, her body was found in a forest East of Istanbul.

Pippa Bacca’s death provoked strong reactions. Some blamed the artist for being naive. Others felt inspired by the message of trust the artists had been trying to convey.

Pippa Bacca’s four sisters continue to hitchhike. They believe her death was an accident that could have happened anywhere. Silvia Moro has other ideas.

How dangerous is it to get into a car with a stranger? When did we become scared of taking the risk? By reconstructing the art performance of these hitchhiking artists Sarah Venema is trying to explore our fear of the strangers that drive past and to find out if it could be worthwhile getting into their cars.

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