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Kahliya Ronde

Kahliya Ronde

Communications Officer

Kahliya works as a communications officer, focussing especially on future fellows and fellowship applications, current fellows, alumni and partners. After spending her highschool years at Waterford Kamhlaba, the first multiracial school of Southern Africa, she studied theatre studies, anthropology and cultural studies at the University of Amsterdam. Knowing how to tell stories about people and science came in handy as her job as a social science editor at the popular-scientific website NEMO Kennislink.

On a rainy January day in 2011, she first set foot on NIAS grounds, where she continues to get excited by the work carried out by the great minds that come to the institute every semester.

Kahliya is always in for a chat on raising children in a gender-neutral way and is a shameless promoter for her favorite podcast Radiolab.