What are you looking for?


This page aims to answer some frequently asked questions. Are you unable to find your question answered here? Please contact us via conference@nias.knaw.nl.

Online or hybrid?

This will be a hybrid conference. We aim to make all sessions available for online participants. In the (unlikely) event of a new Covid-outbreak or other issue that makes in-person attendance to this Conference impossible, we will inform you as soon as possible about an alternative online conference.

When do I hear the results of my paper proposal?

We aim to let you know the results by 30 October 2022. Please check your spam if you haven’t received any word from us by this date.

What constitutes an artistic contribution to the conference?

We welcome artists working in the field of Belonging to share their work during the NIAS Conference 2023. We are happy to think along in how to present your work best during the Conference. Depending on the nature of your work, this can be in the form of an online or on site presentation, a performance an exhibition, a game etc.

What does it cost?

Please see the tab Practical Information for an elaborate overview of the registration fees for the NIAS Conference 2023. There is one price for online tickets. The cost of your fee for on-site registration depends on your income:

  • Low: <35.000 euro
  • Middle: 35.000-70.000 euros
  • High: Over 70.000 euros


What does the fee cover, and what not?

The fee covers access to all sessions of the NIAS Conference. We aim to make all sessions hybrid.

Is there a waiver? 

In order to enable as many people to participate in this conference, we have chosen for a hybrid format. Is you do not have the funds to participate on site, please consider joining online. The online registration fee is considerably lower than on site registration fee.

Can I buy tickets for 1 out of the 3-day Conference?

When you decide to participate and/or join the NIAS Conference you can only buy tickets for the 3-day event. It will not be possible to buy tickets for one day only. Our General Terms & Conditions for the sale of event tickets applies. Please see here for further details.