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Climate Change

With global warming soaring, we are keen to try as much as much as we can to contribute to a carbon neutral framework for the conference. To this end, the conference will be held in a completely hybrid form, on a platform that allows for particularly exciting ways of participating online.

We would encourage everyone to consider their environmental responsibilities when registering for the conference, and to prioritize traveling by train, or to join us online instead of flying to Amsterdam. NIAS will look for ways to compensate part of the price difference between train- and flight-fares within Europe, more information will be provided about this when conference tickets go on sale.

We are aware that this choice is likely to challenge the possibilities of an ‘inclusive’ conference. Yet given the costliness of air-travel and the weariness of visa-provision for those participating from beyond Europe and in particular from the so-called Global South, we think that encouraging ‘everyone’ to fly to Amsterdam would stand a small chance of actually catering to inclusiveness.