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NFA Days

Former NIAS Fellows revisit NIAS on the annual NIAS Fellows Association Day, which usually takes place in June. An essential part of the NFA Day is the Uhlenbeck Lecture, named after NIAS' founder.

NFA Day 2019

NFA Day 2019 will take place on Friday 14 June 2019. It includes the 36th Uhlenbeck Lecture by Peter Burke (Em. Professor of Cultural History, University of Cambridge and NIAS Fellow in 2005).


  • Opening
  • Minutes of the last General Meeting in 2018
  • Report on the Golestan Foundation
  • This year at NIAS. Report by Fenneke Wekker (Head of Academic Affairs).
  • Election of the NFA Board
  • Financial Report. Report of the Auditing Committee
  • Appointment of a New Auditing Committee
  • Change of NFA statutes and bylaws: voting
  • Other business
  • Closing

Financial Report of the NFA 2018

NFA Day 2018

On 18 June 2018, the NFA held its first NFA Day after a hiatus of a year. Nadine Akkerman, Reader in Early Modern English Literature at Leiden University, and Fellow in 2015/16, delivered the 35th Uhlenbeck Lecture, titled “Introducing Invisible Agents: Women and Espionage in Seventeenth-Century Britain.

Minutes of the General Meeting 18 June 2018