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Organizing a Workshop at NIAS


NIAS offers facilities for the organization of short academic workshops. NIAS Fellows as well as researchers from outside NIAS can organize workshops. Applications for a NIAS workshop grant can be submitted for workshops of one, two or three days.

Organizing a Workshop at NIAS

The group of participants should in principle be made up of researchers from the Netherlands and abroad. It is possible to apply for a workshop grant for a one, two, or three day workshop with a maximum of 20 participants. 

Workshops can take place in the period between September and June (Monday to Thursday only, excluding holidays and the first week of September and the first week of February). 

NIAS workshop grants are awarded for part of the workshop costs only - part of the costs should be covered by the organizers.


What Can Be Applied for?

  • Conference Room with presentation equipment (max 20 participants)
  • Limited number of small meeting rooms with optional presentation equipment
  • Wifi access in all areas
  • Lunch at NIAS 
  • Coffee, tea, water
  • Traveling costs and accommodation are not covered by the NIAS grant 

Who can Apply for a NIAS Workshop?

  • Researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences (and in interaction with (life) sciences and technology) at Dutch Universities (holding a Ph.D. degree)
  •  Researchers from KNAW or NWO Institutes (holding a Ph.D. degree)
  •  NIAS Fellows and theme-group members from the current year group


Selection Process and Selection Criteria

The academic programme of the workshop should aim at developing new (interdisciplinary) themes and participants should be of high scientific quality. Applicants may choose any academic subject that falls within humanities and social sciences (including interaction with other domains).

The Directorate of NIAS decides whether or not an application for a NIAS workshop grant is awarded. In some cases the application is assessed by independent reviewers before a decision is taken by the Director.

A workshop that falls within the framework of an ERC, DFG, NWO grant (or similar) may be given priority by the Director.


Outcome of Application Procedure

Grants are awarded on the basis of the agreed budget. The terms of the awarded application will be laid down in an agreement to be signed by NIAS and the workshop organizer.


When to Apply

Applications can be submitted throughout the year.


More on how to apply.


Updated: 22/03/2017


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