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Gene x Environment Interactions in the Developing Brain

Geoff Bird, King's College London / MRC Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre
Eveline Crone, Leiden University
Bernet Elzinga, Leiden University

Despite recent progress in understanding how brain maturation is mapped to the development of cognitive, emotional and social abilities, it is not yet known how the maturation of brain function is related to genes versus environment in a socially complex and changing world. One of the greatest inflection points in development is adolescence, a highly important transition phase between childhood and adulthood, marked by significant physical, social, cognitive and emotional changes. In the current project, we study how the developing brain is shaped by genes and environment using a family and genetic mapping investigation. Investigators of different backgrounds will combine efforts to make significant steps in understanding this dynamic interaction.

Eveline Crone, Theme Group Coordinator

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