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Forensic Expertise and the Law of Evidence in Europe (working group)

Terence Anderson, University of Miami
Jelte Hielkema, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Hans Nijboer, Leiden University, Coordinator
William Twining, University College London

During our stay at NIAS the foundation was laid for a book on expert evidence in Dutch criminal cases. We were able to make very useful contacts with legal participants in the three (Dutch) cases we were analyzing and with a number of (non-legal) forensic experts. The first public activity of the NIAS nucleus will be a symposium in July 1995.
Intellectually seen, we aim to publish a sort of successor to the book Dubieuze zaken (translated as Anchored narratives)   by Crombag, Van Koppen and Wagenaar. The main difference is that we form a multinational group of legally trained scholars who analyse cases from a comparative legal perspective, whereas Crombag c.s. are Dutch psychologists who analyse cases from a interdisciplinary perspective.

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