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Explaining European Union Decision-Making: Insights from the Natural and the Social Sciences

Madeleine Hosli, Leiden University
Běla Plechanovová, Charles University in Prague
Erik Pruyt, Delft University of Technology
Paul Schure, University of Victoria
Amy Verdun, University of Victoria

Approaches and tools to understand decision-making can be found in both the Natural and the Social Sciences, but rarely is knowledge between these traditions exchanged and are synergies utilized. To explore and forecast decision-making processes, we apply tools and methods developed in the Natural Sciences, such as computer modelling and simulations, and apply them to politics. As input we use, for example, information on actor preferences, voting weights, decision thresholds and institutional rules more generally. It is fascinating and promising, for example, to benefit from such synergies in the study of processes of decision-making in the European Union.

Madeleine Hosli, Theme Group Coordinator

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