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Uhlenbeck Lectures

Uhlenbeck Lectures are organised by the NIAS Fellows Association (NFA) to honour the founder of the Institute, Professor E.M. Uhlenbeck (Professor of Linguistics and Javanese Language and Literature at Leiden University, and Chairman of the NIAS Board from 1970-1983. Uhlenbeck Lectures are held by former fellows.


Uhlenbeck Lecture Author Title Year of Publication Pdf


Gary Schwartz How Vermeer and his Generation Stole the Thunder of the Golden Age


31 Pearl A. Dykstra Ties that Bind: Families across Time and Space 2013 pdf.gif
30 Nancy Stieber Metaphor and Metropolis 2012 pdf.gif
29 Johan Heilbron But What About the European Union of Scholars? 2011 pdf.gif
28 Wim Blockmans Liberties 2010 pdf.gif
27 Anne Baker Learning to Sign – Challenges to Theories of Language Acquisition 2009
26 Paul van den Broek The Mind in Action: Cognitive Processes in Comprehending Texts 2008 pdf.gif
25 Ernestine van der Wall The Enemy within: Religion, Science, and Modernism 2007 pdf.gif
24 Peter Mair Polity-Scepticism, Party Failings, and the Challenge to European Democracy 2006 pdf.gif
23 Ekkehard König Reciprocity in Language: Cultural Concepts and Patterns of Encoding 2005 pdf.gif
22 Kees Schuyt Common Sense Philosophy from Thomas Reid to Charles Pierce: Its Relevance for Science and Society Today 2003
21 Christopher Brown The Renaissance of Museums in Britain 2003 pdf.gif
20 Henk Wesseling The Idea of an Institute for Advanced Study: Some Reflections on Education, Science and Art 2002 pdf.gif
19 Cigdem Kagitcibasi Development of Self and Competence in Cultural Context 2001 pdf.gif
18 Arend Lijphart Democracy in the Twenty-First Century: Can We Be Optimistic? 2000 pdf.gif
17 Dirk Van de Kaa The Past of Europe's Demographic Future 1999 pdf.gif
16 Fritz Stern Five Germanies I have known 1998 pdf.gif
15 Frits van Oostrom Medieval Dutch Literature and Netherlandic Cultural Identity 1997 pdf.gif
14 Maarten Brands The Obsolescence of almost all Theories concerning International Relations 1996
13 Terence Anderson The Battles of Hastings: Four Stories in Search of a Meaning 1995
12 Kristofer Schipper The Gene Bank of Culture. Reflections on the Function of the Humanities 1994
11 Wolf Lepenies Toleration in the New Europe: Three Tales 1993
10 Peter Kooijmans Maintaining the Peace in the Shadowland Between the Old and the New International Order 1992
9 Esther Cohen Gift, Payment and the Sacred in Medieval Popular Religiosity 1991
8 Mark Blaug The Economic Value of Higher Education 1990
7 Peter Klein The Monetisation of the Dutch East Indies:A Case of Changing Continuity, 1602-1942 1989
6 George Modelski Is America’s Decline Inevitable? 1988
5 André Köbben Interests, Partiality and the Scholar 1987
4 M. Fuhrmann Die humanistische Bildung des 19. Jahrhunderts und was davon erhaltenswert gewesen wäre 1986
3 G. Steiner Word and Logos 1985
2 N. Luhmann The ‘State’ of the Political System 1984
1 E.M. Uhlenbeck Linguistics: Neither Psychology nor Sociology 1983

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