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Just Published: Sarah Durston's Book on The Universe, Life and Everything

5 October 2017

Is it time to change the way we think about science? Alumna Sarah Durston tries to answer that question in the book "The Universe, Life and Everything: Dialogues on our Changing Understanding of Reality", which she wrote while at NIAS. The first copy of this book will be presented during a public symposium on 9 October 2017.

About "The Universe, Life and Everything"

The way we understand the world we live in is changing. Our traditional understanding is being challenged by developments in physics, including quantum mechanics, and our inability to explain certain complex phenomena such as consciousness. In this book, scholars from a variety of backgrounds discuss how our understanding of our world is expanding to include such phenomena.
Published by Amsterdam University Press.

About the Public Symposium

During an evening symposium in the public library of Amsterdam, a highly diverse panel of experts will elaborate on the need for a new dawn of science by examining various subjects that our current scientific paradigm cannot adequately explain. The symposium is organised together with the Young Academy of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Event fully booked.

About the Authors

Sarah Durston is Professor of Developmental Disorders of the Brain at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, and was at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in 2016/2017. She wrote the book together with Ton Baggerman, psychotherapist at the GGz Breburg in Tilburg.

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