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Jelle Zijlstra Professorial Fellowship

The programme of the Jelle Zijlstra Professorial Fellowship ran from 2002 to 2008. Its aim was to give the economic sciences in the Netherlands an extra incentive. Fellowships were awarded by NIAS and the NIAS Jelle Zijlstra Professorial Fellowship Foundation.

The areas studied were: Applied Monetary Economics, Macro Economics and Public Finance. The fellowship received the generous support of the Dutch Minister of Finance, of De Nederlandsche Bank, the Dr. Hendrik Muller's Vaderlandsch Fonds, the ABN AMRO Bank, the ING Groep, the Fortis Bank (Nederland), AEGON Nederland and the Rabobank Groep.

The fellowship was named after Dr. Jelle Zijlstra who was Governor of the Dutch Central Bank from the mid 1960s till 1980, when he was succeeded by Wim Duisenberg. Previously Jelle Zijlstra had been Minister of Finance and Prime Minister of the Netherlands, posts he took on after a distinguished academic career as Professor of Monetary Economics at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Former Jelle Zijlstra Fellows

M.F. Hellwig Economic Theory 2007/08 pdf.gif
H.W. Sinn Economics 2005/06 pdf.gif
A.B. Atkinson Political Economy 2005/06 pdf.gif
H. Siebert Economics 2004/05 pdf.gif
P. De Grauwe Economics 2003/04 pdf.gif
B.S. Frey Political Economy 2002/03 pdf.gif

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