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Writer-in-Residence Fellowship

The Writer-in-Residence programme offers fiction and non-fiction writers from the Netherlands and abroad an opportunity to work for an extended period within an international academic community. It is a collaboration between NIAS and the Dutch Foundation for Literature (Nederlands Letterenfonds) in Amsterdam.

About the Writer-in-Residence Fellowship

The Writer-in-Residence fellowship is intended for fiction and non-fiction writers who are interested in working in a diverse community of international scholars. The view is that writers and scholars from the humanities, social sciences and other disciplines will benefit from each other's work.

Practical Information

    • NIAS and Dutch Foundation for Literature offer two fellowships of one semester each (5 months) per academic year

- One fellowship is for Dutch writers of fiction or non-fiction
- One fellowship is for non-Dutch writer of fiction or non-fiction from abroad

  • The Writer-in-Residence fellowship for non-Dutch writers includes a studio or subsidised accommodation (see also Facilities for Fellows), lunches, a personal study, research facilities, one international return ticket and a monthly stipend from NIAS.
  • The Writer-in-Residence fellowship for Dutch writers includes studio accommodation or set commuting allowance (see also Facilities for Fellows), lunches, a personal study and research facilities and a stipend from the Dutch Foundation for Literature to compensate for lost earnings for the duration of the fellowship.

Application and Selection

  • The Writer-in-Residence Fellowship is by invitation only. Publishing houses can recommend applicants to the Dutch Foundation for Literature (Greetje Heemskerk, Head of Author Policy Department: +31-(0)20-5207300
  • The Dutch Foundation for Literature puts forward suitable candidates to NIAS
  • NIAS awards the fellowship in consultation with the Dutch Foundation for Literature
  • For questions regarding Writer-in-Residence fellowships, please contact the Dutch Foundation for Literature - Greetje Heemskerk: +31-(0)20-5207300 or NIAS -  +31 (0)20 224 67 03. 

Jamal Mahjoub and Jannah Loontjens at NIAS in 2015

Current and former fellows

Boxsel w.jpgMatthijs van Boxsel

Tippins w.jpgSherill Tippins
Non-Fiction/Cultural History

Waal, Henk van derHenk van der Waal

Abad, HectorHéctor Abad

Loontjens,-Jannah.jpgJannah Loontjens

Jamal Mahjoub

Marcel Moring.jpgMarcel Möring

Frederick Reiken.jpgFrederick Reiken

Behrens, Peter.jpgPeter Behrens

Joris, Lieve.jpgLieve Joris

Larsen.jpgReif Larsen


Christiaan Weijts (Fiction, 2011/12)
Tommy Wieringa (Fiction, 2010/11)
Joyce Hackett (Fiction, 2010/11)
Elisa Albert (Fiction, 2009/10)
Maria van Daalen (Poetry, 2009/10)
Olga Nawoja Tokarczuk (Fiction, 2008/09)
Jan van Aken (Fiction, 2007/08)
David van Reybrouck (Literary Non-Fiction, 2007/08)
Max Pam (Non-Fiction, 2006/07)
Thomas Rosenboom (Fiction, 2006/07)
Eben Venter (Fiction, 2006/07)
Thijs Goldschmidt (Biology/Non-Fiction, 2005/06)
David Mitchell (Fiction, 2005/06)
Kees 't Hart (Fiction, 2004/05)
Jáchym Topol (Fiction, 2004/05)
K. Sello Duiker (Fiction, 2003/04)
Rudy Kousbroek (Non-Fiction / Fiction, 2003/04)
Joris Luyendijk (Non-Fiction, 2003/04)
Dubravka Ugrešić (Fiction/Non-Fiction, 2002/03)
Slavenka Drakulic (Fiction/Non-Fiction, 2001/02)
Aukje Holtrop (Biography, 2001/02)
Helga Ruebsamen (Fiction, 2000/01)
Hans Goedkoop (History / Literature, 1999/2000)


About the Dutch Foundation for Literature

The Dutch Foundation for Literature was founded in 2010 when the Stichting Fonds voor de Letteren merged with the Nederlands Literair Productie- en Vertalingenfonds. The Dutch Foundation for Literature offers grants and subsidies to writers, translators, publishers and literary festivals. The aim is to support high quality Dutch Literature and to encourage a diverse literary climate that takes into account new developments as well as literary heritage. The Foundation actively contributes to the promotion and dissemination of Dutch and Frisian Literature at home and abroad.

NIAS-Dutch Foundation for Literature partnership

The first Writer-in-Residence Fellowship was offered in 1999 as part of a collaboration with, what was then known as, the Stichting Fonds voor de Letteren and later the Dutch Foundation for Literature. Over the years, this successful fellowship has brought many renowned writers from both the Netherlands and abroad to NIAS to benefit from the unique and diverse academic setting. Occassionally the Writer-in-Residence Fellowship is awarded to a translator.

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