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The Scholars-at-Risk Fellowship (SaR)

The Scholars-at-Risk Fellowship offers scholars who suffer grave threats to life, liberty and well-being in their own countries, a safe location and conducive academic environment to carry out their research. This collaboration between NIAS and the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF forms part of the international Scholars-at-Risk programme.

About the Fellowship

NIAS and UAF, together, finance one Scholars-at-Risk (SaR) Fellowship each year which allows a selected scholar to advance his or her scientific career while at NIAS. The SaR Fellow will be provided with a stipend, research facilities and accommodation and have the opportunity to work with colleagues in an open academic environment. If appropriate, NIAS will arrange for a scientist, selected from a relevant field, to mentor the SaR Fellow and help with their research.

The Scholars-at-Risk Fellowship is part of the international Scholars-at-Risk Network that is dedicated to protecting threatened scholars, preventing attacks on higher education communities and promoting academic freedom worldwide. Institutes for Advanced Study have a long-standing tradition of offering sanctuary to scholars. With the Scholars-at-Risk Fellowship, NIAS hopes to continue this tradition by offering scholars who are under threat of attack, because of their words, ideas and their place in society, a safe haven to carry out their research.

Practical Information

  • NIAS and UAF offer one SaR fellowhip per academic year (max. ten months).
  • The SaR Fellow is awarded a residential fellowship at NIAS, which includes a studio apartment, lunches, study, research facilities (computer, library services etc) and return ticket to NIAS.
  • The SaR Fellow is eligible for a stipend up to a maximum of €2600 per month. 

Application and Selection 

  • The SaR Fellowship at NIAS is by nomination only.
  • NIAS makes a selection from candidates nominated by the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF.
  • Scholars who are interested in a SaR fellowship at NIAS should contact the SaR Coordinator, Ella de Lange at the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF ( +31 30 2520835 or, see also the SaR website

 Current and former Fellows

About the UAF

The UAF, Foundation for Refugee Students UAF,  is the Dutch-Flemish branch of the International Scholars-at-Risk programme. The UAF helps students, graduates and scholars from areas where political and social unrest mean that academic freedom is restricted and research publications are repressed. Students are given support, graduates are given help in finding jobs that match their qualifications and scholars are offered assistance to continue their research in safe academic environments.

NIAS-UAF partnership

The sponsor agreement between UAF and NIAS was signed by Mardjan Seighali (Director UAF) and Paul Emmelkamp (Rector of NIAS) on 2 October 2014, at the UAF’s annual Scholars-at-Risk event. 

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