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Henry G. Schermers Fellowship

The Henry G. Schermers Fellowship is aimed at promoting research in the field of national law in an international context. It is co-sponsored by The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL).

About Schermers Fellowships

The Henry G. Schermers Fellowship is named after the great legal scholar Henry G. Schermers (1928-2006), Professor of the Law of International Organisations in Amsterdam and Leiden. Schermers was instrumental in the recognition of international law within national legal systems, with a focus on human rights law. The fellowship was set up with HiiL in honour of his contribution to the field of law.

HiiL is an innovation institute for the justice sector. The values of HiiL are evidence-based, co-creation and non-judgmental. The HiiL mission is to make justice journeys work and universally accessible.  

Currently there is a great need for reforming the national and international law systems so that the justice needs of citizens are better served. It is urgent that research is carried out that will lead to effective and fair legal systems of the future. The Henry G. Schemers Fellow will produce publications but also prototypes ready for implementation. Examples of innovative prototypes now being implemented that originated from HiiL are: a procedure for international wildlife crime, a process for resolving protracted conflicts between citizens and governments and a design for coping with rule-making becoming ever more international, private and informal (Rulejungling). The fellowship programme brings foreign researchers in contact with Dutch researchers and society at large in order to maximally benefit from each other's knowledge and experience.

Practical Information

  • Schermers Fellowships are available for one Dutch and one non-Dutch Scholar each year
  • Schermers fellowships for non-Dutch scholars include studio or subsidised accommodation (see also Facilities for Fellows), a personal study, research facilities, one international return ticket and a junior or senior monthly stipend depending on financial circumstances and academic seniority (maximum €3800).
  • Schermers fellowships for scholars from the Netherlands include studio accommodation or set commuting allowance (see also Facilities for Fellows), a personal study and research facilities. Fellows at Dutch universities may be eligible to claim teaching and management replacement funds depending on financial circumstances and seniority.

Application and Selection

  • The Schermers Fellowship is by nomination only. Fellows are selected from prominent Dutch or foreign researchers and senior scholars in law and/or the social sciences who have already made a contribution to scholarship and who will advance knowledge in the field of national law in an international context.
  • Scholarly achievements, reputation and quality of publications are considered in the evaluation process.
  • The final selection is made in consultation between HiiL and NIAS.
  • The selection process is overseen by the NIAS Scholarly Committee.
  • For questions regarding Fellowships please contact NIAS : +31 (0)20 224 67 03 

Current and former fellows

About the The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL)

HiiL is an advisory and research institute for the justice sector, based in The Hague, city of peace and justice. HiiL professionals are leading academics and researchers from various cultural backgrounds. The core of their work is to improve rulemaking and conflict resolution processes.

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