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Kamphuis, Carlijn




Carlijn Kamphuis. Ph.D. from Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Assistant Professor in Human Geography and Planning at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellow (1 Febr - 30 June 2018)

Fifty Shades of Green. Unravelling the Complex Relations between Greenness and Health in Cities

Research Question

How do we keep current and future city residents healthy? Although there is a general consensus that green is healthy, we poorly understand how exactly exposures to greenness – over the life course, and in current daily life – relate to health. How much green do we need to improve citizens’ health? And which types of green?

Project Description

I’m fascinated by how features of the built, natural and social environment affect people’s health and healthbehaviours. This fascination is driven by a key societal challenge: how do we keep current and future city residents healthy? Greenness (e.g. parks, trees) could play an important role in this, e.g. via stress reduction, facilitation of physical activity, and heat and humidity regulation. Although there is a general consensus that green is healthy, we poorly understand how exactly exposures to greenness –over the life course, and in current daily life- relate to health. How much green do we need to improve citizens’ health? And which types of green? At NIAS, I write an international publication on the relation between greenness and health. In addition, I write a VIDI proposal on the same theme. Discussion meetings with NIAS-based researchers are organized in order to profit from crossfertilization with other disciplines.

Selected Publications

Kamphuis CB, Turrell G, Giskes K, Mackenbach JP, Van Lenthe FJ. Life course socioeconomic conditions, adulthood risk factors and cardiovascular mortality among men and women: a 17-year follow up of the GLOBE study. Int J Cardiol 2013, Oct 3;168(3):2207-13. 

Fishman E, Schepers P, Kamphuis CB. Dutch Cycling: Quantifying the Health and Related Economic Benefits. Am J Public Health. 2015 Aug;105(8):e13-5. 

Personal page

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