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Siegle, Greg


Siegle w.jpg


Greg Siegle, born in Livingston, New Jersey, USA, in 1969. Ph.D. from San Diego State University, California. Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Translational Sciences at University of Pittsburgh.

Theme Group Fellow (1 Feb - 30 June 2017)

My optimism wears heavy boots: So much research, so few implications, towards ‘patient-proof’ empirical models and more effective interventions in mental health

Research Question

To what extent can we develop "emotion prosthetics" (technologies that directly enhance physiological processing of emotional information) to augment recovery from mood and anxiety disorders?

Selected Publications

  • Collier, A., Siegle, G.J. (in press). Individual differences in response to prediction bias training. Clinical Psychological Science.
  • Price R.B., Paul, B.S., Schneider, W., Siegle, G.J. (2013) Neural correlates of three emotion regulation strategies: A preliminary step towards personalized neurocognitive treatment for psychological disorders. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 37, 657-572.
  • Siegle, G.J., Thompson, W. K., Collier, A., Berman, S. R., Feldmiller, J., Thase, M. E., & Friedman, E. S. (2012). Towards clinically useful neuroimaging in depression treatment: Prognostic Utility of subgenual cingulate activity for determining depression outcome in Cognitive Therapy across studies, scanners, and patient characteristics. Archives of General Psychiatry, 69(9), 913-924. NIHMSID 524641

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