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Dietze, Carola


Carola Dietze, born in Celle an der Aller, Germany, in 1973. Ph.D. from Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. Senior Researcher, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen.

Fellow (1 September 2012 – 30 June 2013)

The Invention of the Deed. The Emergence of Terrorism in Europe and the United States in the 19th Century

This research project will examine the emergence of terrorism in Europe and the United States in the 19th century. I will analyse the invention and reception of terror-ism as a specific form of political violence in the context of modernization processes, such as the emergence of social movements, the mass media and a mass public. The study is based on archival and published sources, 19th-century news¬papers, and the histori¬cal literature on the political, economic, and social his¬tory of Europe and the United States, as well as on relevant cases, protagonists and groups.

Selected Publications

Nachgeholtes Leben. Helmuth Plessner 1892 - 1985 (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2006).

"Terror in the Nineteenth Century: Political Assassinations and Public Discourse in Europe and the United States, 1878-1901," Bulletin of the German Historical Institute 40 (Spring 2007): 91-97.

"Toward a History on Equal Terms: A Discussion of Provincializing Europe," History and Theory 47 (February 2008): 69-84.

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