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Stubbins-Bates, E.T.


Elizabeth Stubbins Bates, born 1977 in London, England. LL.M. from Harvard Law School. David Davies of Llandinam Research Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Guest (1 June 2009 - 30 June 2009)


From 1-28 June 2009, I assisted Spinoza Fellow Justice Richard Goldstone in his preparations for the Crimes against Humanity Initiative Hague Intersessional Meeting; and in legal analysis for his current projects on international human rights law and international humanitarian law. In addition, I drafted the Introduction, Recommendations, and chapters on international humanitarian law and international criminal law for a book I am writing for the International Bar Association, which has the provisional title "Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, Norms, State Practice, Remedies and Reform". This book is expected to be published in the course of 2010.

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